Reinventing an age-old perfume brand to appeal to a younger generation

The Challenge
Yardley is a world-renowned brand, and a leader in quality soaps, talcs, deos and perfumes since 1770. Yardley is instantly associated with floral, delicate, elegant and very English fragrances. When Yardley decided to launch a skin-sensitive variant in their perfumed deo spray range, we were tasked with designing the packaging. We needed to ensure that the integrity of the trusted brand was maintained while also introducing a freshness to the new range.

How we did it
Yardley is a brand that we can trace back to our childhoods, with memories of older women in families using the perfume or powder. Our challenge lay therein: to appeal to the younger generation, while staying true to the brand’s legacy.

Yardley has always embraced the soft white look and feel for its packaging across perfumes, soaps and powders. For the skin sensitive range of deo sprays, we adopted a pastel colour palette, with a delicate typeface for the fragrance names (Lace, Silk, Velvet, Lace Satin) that added the elegance and softness that Yardley has always symbolised. For the fusion range, we used watercolour-style floral graphics which did not specify a particular flower, but rather gave an overall ‘floral’ appeal to the fragrances.

Apart from the women’s range of deo sprays, we also designed a men’s range and supporting promotional collateral.

CLIENT / Yardley
SECTOR / Fragrances
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