Identity for a rural logistics company

The Challenge
Last mile logistics are a major hindrance for millions who live in rural areas. Juggling poor infrastructure, tough terrain, and high costs of long distance travel, it was a challenge for customers, retailers and transporters to reach rural communities. This significantly affected the economic growth of rural India.

In 2014, Shell Foundation co-partnered with Logistimo to launch Tusker: an “on demand” rural freight service. Tusker offers affordable and efficient delivery logistics service for rural communities, using a mobile technology platform.

How we did it
When one hears the word “tusker,” one cannot but conjure up the image of an elephant. This was the initial thought of our creative team as well, when we were assigned to work on the Tusker identity. In terms of the concept, it was right in front of us. However, we decided to further this idea to the next level, apart from the obvious silhouette of the elephant.

The crossroads created in the logo’s negative space are symbolic of connectivity and transportation, replete with green fields and blue skies. Tusker’s business model was positioned to change the way rural consumers obtain access to products. We incorporated this in the elephant’s gait, to imply a sense of movement. In terms of impact, Tusker’s pilot solution engaged with over 1,000 customers across 379 villages covering the whole of the Dharwad District in Karnataka. Within 15 months, 600+ transporters joined the network and 5,393 deliveries were made.

CLIENT / Tusker
SECTOR / Logistics
SERVICES / Identity