Refreshing Sprite for every occasion

The Challenge
Sprite is a leading global beverage brand. It’s always been positioned as a “cool” drink for the cool youth. Being a thirst quencher, it’s especially popular during India’s scorching summer months and is marketed extensively then.

The idea was to not just sell a beverage. Coca-Cola wanted to add a fresh perspective by identifying occasions or settings in which a consumer would like a cold beverage like Sprite, and pegging the relevant SKU at the right occasion.

How we did it
When we were assigned this project, the first step was to arrive at occasions when people enjoy their Sprite. This occasion-specific approach was customized for every SKU of Sprite.

For example, the PET bottle would be a choice for someone on the go while a large party pack of six cans would be ideal for a friendly get-together etc. Our designs had to strike a good balance between the occasion and the product, without letting the occasion take the focus away from Sprite.

We created different occasions to appeal to all kinds of audiences. Sprite is for those who spend a day on the beach, or on the terrace with friends, or roughing it out on a mountain.

Apart from design, we also art-directed the photography.

CLIENT / Coca-Cola
SECTOR / Beverages
SERVICES / Communication