Sprite Summer

Sprite beats Summer in India

The Challenge
The aim of the Sprite vs. Summer packaging campaign was to root the brand in Indian summer cues and launch a fun contest to win exciting prizes. With soaring temperatures, keeping cool is almost a losing battle. Sprite wanted to use this reality to position itself as the ultimate cooler, and a saviour in summer.

How we did it
Sprite spoke to consumers asking them about the most refreshing things that come to mind when they think of summer. With this insight, we came up with a series of label designs for the Sprite bottles. The labels illustrated a familiar fun and refreshing aspect of summer that we all know and can relate to. Consumers had to find and buy these summer-themed bottles, and participate in the contest to win exciting prizes.

Starting with an immersive ideation session, our creative team worked on a mood board with key words that cued summer in India. These were then shortlisted and developed into illustrations in Sprite’s brand colours. The bright hues of green and yellow helped express “fresh,” “lemony,” and “summery.”  The light-heartedness associated with the brand was further enhanced through the contest using augmented reality.

CLIENT / Coca-Cola
SECTOR / Beverages
SERVICES / Packaging