Blending the “natural” with the “premium” for a personal care brand

The Challenge
Sacred Anointing Oils (SAO) is a brand that offers 100% natural hand-made skin, hair, and body care products. SAO has a unique story of its inception. The founder, Manjula Bahadur, unsuspectingly sold her original homemade hair and skin care products at a flea market. The people who bought and used her products loved them so much, that there was an outburst of positive feedback and repeat orders for more home remedies. Today these products are sold under the brand name SAO. Having started with 5 hair oils and 2 face oils, the brand soon grew to include face/hair packs and gels as well, currently selling 30 unique products.

How we did it
We first worked on the identity for SAO, and helped give this brand a new face. The logo needed to be simple and sophisticated, which conveyed not only the product offerings but also the spirit of the founder-turned-entrepreneur. The graphic element in the logo had two interpretations: a human form and a tree. The packaging was modelled on the concept of mudras, which symbolize ancient goodness and emphasise the aspect that these are made by hand. We created various illustrations for each product that cued its use.

SECTOR / Beauty
SERVICES / Packaging