Pidilite Brochure

Building innovation into a corporate brochure

The Challenge
Pidilite Industries is a market leader in adhesives, industrial and construction chemicals, as well as art materials. Its most famous brand Fevicol is a popular household name and is synonymous with “glue.” Over the years, the Company has created market-leading brands like Fevikwik, M-Seal, Dr. Fixit, Fevicryl, and more. Pidilite’s strength lies in the strong bonds its diverse brands have forged with people from all walks of life – consumers and businesses alike.

We were assigned the project of conceptualizing and designing Pidilite’s corporate brochure. What Pidilite traditionally did was focus on its products, which was a natural course to take given the 450+ brands it has. The challenge was to move away from this approach.

How we did it
We adopted an approach that focused on innovation and connectedness. Pidilite is known for its ideas and innovations and we needed to ensure the brochure communicated that. Starting with the cover page, we did a striking laser cut design which summarized all the sectors the Company is involved in. The illustrations in this laser cut featured paintbrushes and pencils to depict art and craft, molecular bonds for chemical research/innovation, pipes for the plumbing range etc.

Throughout the brochure, we decided to not talk about Pidilite through its products, but rather through its thrust on innovation and its people centric approach.

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