Pidilite Annual Reports

Crafting stories that capture a Company’s legacy in its annual reports

The Challenge
Pidilite Industries with a legacy few can boast about, has introduced several products to consumers and industries alike. Some popular names include Dr Fixit, M-Seal, Fevistik, Fevikwik, and Fevicryl. There is probably no person in this country who has not used a single Pidilite product.

The Company renowned for its “people” focus, has touched multiple lives in different segments across the world. The Pidilite annual report offers a unique opportunity each year to narrate these compelling stories.

How we did it
The Annual Report for 2012-13 paid respects to the founder Mr. B K Parekh who had passed away that year, and reminded all stakeholders of the intrinsic values of the company that were still intact.

The report traced the journey of Mr. Parekh, and through that lens told the story of the company.

The Annual Report of 2015-16 focused on the Joy of Creation. The cover design itself was one of a kind – handmade to the very last detail. The entire report was designed to bring out the feel of “craft and creation” at a conceptual level. The concept for the 2016-17 Annual Report was about happiness that one experiences when broken things are mended, telling the story of brand Fevikwik.

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