Maaza Festival

Activating the most loved mango beverage brand for Indian festivals

The Challenge
Indian festivals are all about community celebrations, with delicious food and drink. Since Maaza is closely associated with the real taste of mangoes, pegging it within a festival context was a great opportunity. We were commissioned to design communication material for the brand that would be used across geographies during 14 Indian festivals.

How we did it
To depict festivals without alluding to religion was the first hurdle we needed to cross. We took the route of depicting community celebrations with illustrations, icons and motifs drawn from the art and crafts of each state. India is rich in these art styles and using these to depict the festivities was an appropriate fit. While the illustrations rooted the beverage within the festival context, we had to give the product a position of prominence. We also developed unique typography in 8 different Indian scripts, so that the look and feel of the communication is not compromised when it is used across geographies.

CLIENT / Coca-Cola
SECTOR / Beverages
SERVICES / Communication