Maaza Gold

Indulging in mango delight - Packaging for a premium offering of the most loved mango brand

The Challenge
Maaza, a name synonymous with the very spirit of mangoes, is India’s most loved mango drink. It is positioned as an authentic mango drink that gives the consumer a near real experience of eating a mango. Owned by Coca-Cola India, Maaza is the ultimate choice of drink during celebrations, festivals, and get-togethers with family and friends. Coca-Cola wanted to launch a premium variant of Maaza called Maaza Gold in India.

The launch of this drink aimed at raising the bar for India’s most loved mango drink. Maaza Gold was to offer consumers a thicker, more flavourful drink made from real alphonso. The challenge was how best could we communicate this differentiation and elevate an existing mango beverage to a deliciously luxurious mango experience?

How we did it
The first touch point for a product like Maaza is its packaging. The 1 litre Maaza Gold Tetra Pak needed to denote a different kind of premiumness to consumers, before they have even had a chance to sip it. It had to stand out, while staying true to its original Maaza identity that everyone was familiar with, and loved. It needed to promise indulgence like no other drink had done before. We approached this design by bringing a delightfully opulent visual to the consumer with a unique gold metallic substrate to make the product shout “premium” on the shelf.

The graphic of the juicy golden mango being squeezed by the green leaves was intended to not only make mouths water, it also cued an important USP of the Gold variant: “straight from nature, pure and thick.” The premium look and feel was further heightened by the expressive typeface used for “Gold.” The packaging helped ensure Maaza raises the bar from an enjoyable casual mango beverage to one that indulges the senses.

CLIENT / Coca-Cola
SECTOR / Beverage
SERVICES / Packaging