Redefining the promise of 'protection with care'

The Challenge
Livpure is a water purification brand that wanted to establish a new benchmark in water and air purification technology. As a trusted manufacturer of water purifiers in India, Livpure’s aim has been to make every Indian healthy while ensuring purity in their lives through pure water and pure air. One of Livpure’s guiding values has been to be an environmentally positive brand.

How we did it
The premise of Livpure, ‘protection with care’, was our inspiration as we approached the brand’s strategy, identity, packaging and brand guidelines. The brand identity was based on the pillars of protection, holistic care, technology and trust. The identity reflected the “Ring of Protection” that is stringent on impurities and caring towards the users.

The colours of the logo were vibrant and friendly and invoked a sense of trust. We helped Livpure reinvent itself so that it is perceived as the brand that offers protection with care. Since its core purpose was to offer ‘purity’, we ensured the foundation was broad-based enough to allow the brand to move into newer territories that may hold potential for purification (e.g., air or food purification).

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