Expanding the product portfolio of a coconut oil brand

The Challenge
KLF, a brand manufacturing coconut oil, had two broad categories of oils: cooking/edible and personal/hair care. We were commissioned to redesign both.

How we did it
When we delved into the project, we realised that there was no brand differentiation between the segments. This was confusing for the consumer. We needed to establish a nomenclature where both oil categories are differentiated and impactful in their respective domains. KLF is synonymous with purity, wholesomeness and health in their offerings of both cooking and personal care oils. We ensured this was sufficiently cued through our design strategy.

What began as a single brand, became a multi-brand entity, with each brand leveraging its position in its markets. All personal care products were grouped under KLF Nirmal, while the cooking oil was called KLF Coconad. Further, we advised moving into blended oils to expand markets beyond Kerala. With this multi-brand approach, KLF was able to move into other coconut based products like vinegar, coconut milk, coconut milk powder etc.


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