Keva Flavours

Helping Keva Flavours to have a global reach

The Challenge
Keva is one of the largest food flavouring suppliers in India with global footprints. Keva flavours are widely used by some of the biggest brands in the food industry. Having designed various brochures for the brand, we had successfully established a refreshing look and feel, which was aligned with the brand. Our approach was: think Keva, think freshness, flavours, and colour.

Keva is known to create flavours that underpin food, beverage, and pharmaceutical brands globally. It boasts of a library of 3,000+ flavours in various categories! With a product offering so comprehensive and diverse, we had to ensure the website communicated the Company’s scale and reach clearly, and also build functionality that would attract their audiences to interact with it effectively.

How we did it
Keva’s remarkable flavours served as the inspiration for a visually immersive website design. Flavours are all about appealing to the various senses, especially olfactory and gustatory. The website is after all a visual touch point, and we needed to appeal to consumers through precisely this. Since Keva collaborates with global customers in creating sustainable and innovative solutions, the website had to cater to a wide audience from different parts of the world. The Company also focuses on producing only the finest ingredients, making sure the flavours are as close to nature as possible. Taste, quality control, worldwide reach, deliciousness were keywords that pushed us to deliver a feature-rich website, replete with interesting sections like “Flavour Library” and “Inspirational Recipes”. The website is CMS-driven, allowing the client complete control for upgradation and modification of content.


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