Keva Brochures

Defining 'delicious'

The Challenge
Keva is one the largest food flavouring suppliers in India with a global footprint. Keva flavours are widely used by some of the best brands in the food processing industry. Keva is known to create flavours that underpin food, beverage, and pharmaceutical brands globally.

We were commissioned to design multiple brochures for Keva Flavours, each distinct in its objective, yet aligned in their brand language.

How we did it
Given Keva’s legacy and global reach, we knew the brochures required a sophisticated look and feel which helped highlight the brand offerings for the reader. Our approach: Think Keva, and think freshness, flavours, and colour. The idea was to take the reader on a visual journey, that showcases the vibrancy of the flavours in a very relevant manner.

Through the many print brochures we designed for Keva, we were able to set a brand look and feel that was as refreshing as the flavour offerings. We also designed and developed the Keva Flavours website and extended this brand look and feel to it.

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