JSW Corporate Kit

Conceptualizing a thematic calendar and corporate kit for JSW

The Challenge
A calendar is an important annual piece of communication and wanted to use this as an opportunity to create a conceptually unique calendar. The aim was to bring to the forefront the company’s efforts to creating a sporting culture in India by maximising the potential of Indian sports and athletes.

How we did it
Our task was to conceptualize and design a unique narrative for the annual calendar. Since JSW Sports aims to maximise India’s sporting potential, the main theme of the calendar was to pay homage to one sportsperson every month of the year. Ranging from cricket, football, track and field to boxing, each sportsperson was illustrated in a unique and stylised manner. Postal stamps enable us to pay tribute to individuals for their achievements in their fields of expertise. 12 different stamps featuring each of the chosen sports personalities. We added a QR code to each month where the user could quickly scan the code and be directed to view a short film that honours the journey of that specific sportsperson. This created a unique connection between the print and digital worlds. Every calendar also came with a sticker page where the 12 stamps could be peeled off and used. We were also given the task of creating a kit for corporate gifting that would house the calendar and an annual diary.

SECTOR/ Corporate
SERVICES/ Communication