Designing for an event management platform to ensure seamless conversations

The Challenge
HobNob is an event management platform that embraces the digital to provide solutions to those who want to plan an event. It combines “events” and “technology” and along with the team’s expertise helps you successfully run your event. Through HobNob, you can create a mobile app for your event, as you plan, organize, coordinate and execute it. The company’s mission is to ensure a memorable and seamless experience. We were comissioned to design its identity and website.

How we did it
An important part of creative process at Design Orb is to interpret brand ideas through key words. For HobNob, the keywords that emerged were innovation, collaboration, seamless, and infinite possibilities, among others. The identity we designed cued the thought of “connecting by creating a meaningful conversation.”

HobNob creates new ways of conversing and creating engagement. The real and virtual spaces speak to each other and generate memorable experiences. In fact, through its technology-based solutions, the brand was bridging the gap between “real” and “virtual” and creating conversations between “organiser” and “participant.” This was communicated through our proposed design. The element of “conversation” was also extended to the website design. Young, peppy colours were used to showcase proactiveness, excellence and young thinking.


SECTOR / Event Management
SERVICES / Identity