Designing for holistic fitness through positive differentiation

The Challenge
Footprint is a holistic fitness studio based in Mumbai. The brand differentiates itself from regular gyms or fitness studios that offer a set of uninspiring options from which people are compelled to choose. Footprint wanted to make ‘exercising’ less of a chore and more of a fun group activity with an additional focus on being mentally fit. It hoped to motivate people by offering so much variety that there would be no space to feel bored or uninspired.

The studio wanted to encourage people to embrace the outdoors, get close to nature, and hence decided on the name ‘Footprint.’ From functional training, crossfit, mixed martial arts, aerobics and zumba, to treks, camping and outdoor adventures, the team behind Footprint wanted to tread where no other fitness entity had set foot.

How we did it

People should enjoy being fit, and in the process, feel positive about exercise and fitness. The brand tone needed to be motivational and driven. The identity we set out to develop represented the brand name, and was created using different illustrations, each alluding to what the studio stood for. The ‘footprint’ was made up of 4 different elements in 4 distinct colours, to showcase the diversity and variety of fitness offerings. The 4 icons stood for ‘go the extra mile’, ‘have the right attitude’, ‘climb every mountain’, and ‘make it happy’. These elements were carried forward to the look and feel of the brand. Each element was used individually for the interiors, wall graphics, stationery and merchandise, thus ensuring brand recall.

CLIENT / Footprint
SECTOR / Health and Fitness
SERVICES / Identity