Introducing the idea of 'learning by doing'

The Challenge
Fevicreate is a creative platform introduced by Pidilite. Pidilite products like Fevicol, Fevicryl and Fevistik have been household favorites and trusted names for years now. The idea behind Fevicreate was to encourage the concept of “learning by doing” which goes beyond the traditional methods of rote learning.

When children create with their hands, they not only enjoy themselves but also learn new things in the process. Pidilite wanted to encourage a culture of crafting among children, and needed to inspire parents and educationists who are the primary decision makers to help children learn.

Fevicreate integrates Pidilite’s craft products, activities and communities under one giant creative umbrella. This helps avoid the need for single product branding, as the message of “creating and crafting” was more or less similar for all its art and craft products.


How we did it
Creativity as a way of thinking is an important factor for success in any field. It can and needs to be nurtured, especially at a younger age. Fevicreate wanted to ensure this through its offerings. Using the “fevi” prefix automatically created a trust factor among the influencers like parents and schools. Hence, our focus was on creating a logo that had a fun story, was simple enough to understand, and was appealing to kids.

We needed to convey how the different streams of art and craft were coming together to create magic – essentially the magic of creation. The Fevicreate logo portrays a colourful magic wand, whose elements unite to create a star.

The identity has been extended for use on digital campaigns and creatives, as well as exciting packaging for DIY craft kits.

CLIENT / Pidilite
SECTOR / Corporate
SERVICES / Identity