Injecting efficiency in India’s immunization system

The Challenge
India immunizes a large number of children every year. Vaccine vials need to be available in health care centres in remote villages in the required quantity, at the right time, while maintaining the cold-chain. There was a need to transform the availability and accountability of the vaccination supply chain for the benefit of the millions of families and children who come for these immunization drives.

To improve the vaccine delivery and procurement process, a digital intervention called eVIN was launched by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). eVIN is an online real-time vaccine logistic management system, on which you can get real-time information on vaccine stocks and flows, and storage temperatures across all cold chain points. We were commissioned to design an identity for this. The challenge was to capture the essence of this programme in a very simple and easily understood symbol.

How we did it
eVIN is a powerful contribution to strengthening health systems and ensuring equity through easy and timely availability of vaccines to all children. We recognized that eVIN would be a big boost for the Digital India and Make in India initiatives by our Government. And we were really excited to be a part of its identity creation. Our ideation began with a thorough study of the project, its advantages and features. We bounced off keywords like network, connectivity, demand, supply, efficiency, streamlining, and continuity. After all, this was an intelligent system, a first in India, and we needed to reflect that.

We kept the identity simple, to promote vaccination in a straightforward way. eVIN maintains an equilibrium between demand and supply of vaccines, thus ensuring availability at all times. This thought was demonstrated in the logo with the “equal” sign (=). The logo also needed to reflect the “continuity and connectivity” that came with this initiative.

Thanks to eVIN, there was a massive rise in the number of children to successfully get vaccinated. Time was saved, wastage was reduced, and more vaccines could be administered more efficiently with eVIN. It has since come to be benchmarked as a global best practice in immunization.

CLIENT / Logistimo, for UNDP
SECTOR / Healthcare, Government
SERVICES / Identity