ETC Wah!

Expressive packaging for the largest pulse processing house in India

The Challenge
ETC is one of the largest pulse processing and marketing platforms in India. ETC offers a branded basket of dals across 22 states with two key consumer brands: ETC Wah! and NaturZ. The Company offers a premium, popular and economy range of dals in retail and bulk packs under these brands nationally.

We were commissioned to create appropriate nomenclature, packaging and POS for their entry into modern trade retail.

How we did it
To start with, we coined a name that was in sync with their brand positioning – that of an expert.  The packaging had to be attractive enough to be picked off a busy shelf in a supermarket or general store. Since dal is a commodity, it was important to build sufficient differentiation in the packaging design. We built a story about the “expert of the kitchen” who is in complete charge of what her family consumes. Honouring her with a chef’s hat we believed was only appropriate.

The hat doubled up as window cut-out that displayed the contents of the pouch. Since the colour and form of each dal is distinct, it made the product range of 5 dals rather unique. An interesting approach that we took for the communication was to visually connect the dal to the region where it’s cooked most.  For example, urad dal is used mostly in the South, in dishes like medu wada; hence, the urad dal communication depicted the geography of South India. Whereas, masoor dal is used more across Eastern parts of the country; so the POS cued elements from West Bengal.

To enhance the emotional connect with the brand, we adopted a positioning of “Dil Wali Dal” which translates to “the dal close to our hearts.”

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