Coke Studio

Designing the right notes for a Coke-MTV music initiative

The Challenge
Music is said to be the only universal language of the heart. This was the premise of Coke Studio since its launch. The platform aimed to showcase the diversity of sounds that are synonymous with India.

We were commissioned to design the visual identity system for Coke Studio India, Seasons 2 and 3. This would eventually set the tone for the brand in its various avatars.

The challenge was to develop a visual language that brought consistency of expression. Moreover, the various agencies working on the brand at various touch points like TV, sets, outdoor, print, etc., needed to have flexibility of expression. Hence, a seamless and adaptable visual language was a must.

How we did it
Coke Studio India needed a visual identity system that would anchor it in the ‘music’ space and stay true to the spirit of the wider gamut of the Coca-Cola identity. We employed the “music pulse” as a visual anchor and worked on the look and feel of the brand. Next, we set an image style, for both seasons, that was recognisable. Coke’s house font Gotham was given a unique treatment and used in different weights. This visual identity system was further documented in detailed guidelines to ensure consistency of usage across applications.

CLIENT / Coca-Cola
SECTOR / Beverages
SERVICES / Identity / Communication