Infusing the brand identity of a hospital with substance, soul and spirit

The Challenge
Brains is a neuro spine hospital based in Bangalore. Its vision is to provide specialized, comprehensive care for brain and spine related illnesses with state of the art infrastructure and unmatched expertise. Brains stands for Bangalore Regenerative Advanced Institute of Neurosciences. The generic name could have been a deterrent for some, but to us, it was a challenge we loved and embraced in its entirety. Our task was comprehensive: conceptualizing the identity, designing the brand architecture and look and feel, and outlining the brand guidelines.

How we did it
This hospital aimed at creating a “healing ecosystem” for every patient and his or her family, focusing on complete care. People place their wholehearted faith in the medical community and we wanted the identity to reflect this. We designed a logo made up of diverse elements, which came together rather organically to form a whole.

Elements included the Indian symbol of service – the “diya,” the star to connote excellence, and the smile to cue trust and well-being. We also played with the typeface to reflect a feeling of continuum. By ensuring a uniform language among the brand’s sub-branches like GoldenHour Ambulance, Allovedas Integrated Care, and Bliss Training Academy, we created a monolithic brand architecture for Brains.

An interesting part of this undertaking was the graphic anchor we created: the Akshay Raksha Band (“Akshay” = eternal and “Raksha” = protection). A dynamic form, this band is the link that connects patients to good health and excellence. Because the graphic anchor was designed to be fluid, it could be used to create a coherent visual language across applications that instantly connected back to the mother brand.

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