Bombay International School

Celebrating 50 years: A collective endeavour

The Challenge
The Bombay International School, based in South Mumbai, has a unique story of inception. The school was set up by a group of parents who were not very happy with the prevalent schools in the 1960s. The school is unique compared to other schools in a number of ways. It maintains a high teacher-student ratio to ensure better learning and is run by a board of governors comprising representatives from the parent body as well as founder members. Parent committees also take on several support tasks like IT, kitchen, library, infrastructure, bus and finance. We were commissioned to design a set of merchandise and a visual identity system for all the events celebrating the school turning 50.

How we did it
Turning 50 is a momentous occasion, especially for a school like BIS that has retained its core philosophy over the years. Being a co-operative school, parents, teachers and students, all have stake in the school. Our task was to capture this spirit of co-operation that fosters life-long learning. The project was a truly collaborative effort. We held a workshop involving children from Lower Prep to Class 10. The little ones worked on creating textures from various objects, the older ones cut these out, and students from higher classes converted these cutouts into collages. These were then used by us to design the whole set of merchandise items as well as events that were held during the 50th year of school. Each piece of merchandise was thus co-created by the students in keeping with the spirit of co-operation.

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SECTOR / Education
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