Decoding large-scale data through smart design processes

The Challenge
Biocon is a global biopharmaceutical company that helps patients in 120 countries by finding new and affordable ways to treat diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company’s aim is simple: to give patients worldwide access to innovative and affordable healthcare. Biocon was founded by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, whose efforts in biotechnology have garnered global attention and awards. Their R&D focuses on the entire drug development pathway – from process development to non-clinical and clinical research.

Given their powerful presence of nearly 43 years, any project done for Biocon has to uphold the company’s pioneering legacy and positioning in the global market. We were commissioned to re-design the Biocon website, a mammoth task that needed to be streamlined strategically and completed in a reasonable time frame.

How we did it
The Biocon website, with over 300 pages, is a treasure trove of information! Being in the pharmaceutical field, a lot of this information is technical and elaborate. We began by working on a design masterplan that would set the stage for the entire website.

We had to move with agility and not stick to standard protocol of processes. Content collation, website design and back-end implementation had to occur side by side, instead of tackling each stage sequentially, as is the norm. Since the scale of the Biocon website was huge, we had to be fully coordinated between the various teams and reinvent workflows when needed.

Financial content related to Investors and Shareholders included large amounts of statistics and data, which needed to be current at all times. For this, iframes were implemented, which plugged in the relevant data from Euroland. We also created master design templates to ensure consistency in look and feel across these data points. These style guides were shared with the stakeholders responsible for the raw data.

Biocon has been one of the largest website projects we’ve undertaken, and we’re happy it pushed the team to find new ways of doing things faster and better.

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SECTOR / Pharmaceutical
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