Benadryl Cough Syrup

Redesigning a trusted OTC brand to include variants

The Challenge
Benadryl, a highly trusted OTC cough syrup brand, was initially available as a single product without variants. When it decided to introduce variants to tackle various types of coughs, it had to revamp its packaging to communicate clearly what these variants achieved in terms of symptom relief. The project involved re-designing the packaging for the variants as well as the original Benadryl in a way that is not disruptive.

How we did it
Our challenge therefore lay in refreshing Benadryl’s packaging such that each variant was clearly differentiated. The symptoms of the ailment as well as the part of the body that required treatment needed to be clearly defined using appropriate colours and imagery. Different colour palettes were adopted to distinguish each type of cough syrup. Iconography was used for communicating product features like “acts in 15 minutes” and “non-drowsy formula.” The design across the variants was templatized to connect back easily to the main brand. The human silhouette, an iconic visual of Benadryl’s well-recognised packaging, was retained in a new form across the packs. The vertical branding maximised the impact of the brand.

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