Car diagnostics that relies on science not opinion

The Challenge
Autosure is India’s first exclusive test lab for cars. Based in Coimbatore, the lab boasts of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Autosure’s mission is to test cars and provide customers with unbiased, in-depth and accurate health reports so they can make informed decisions.

The brand positioned itself as a high-tech test lab just for cars. Its offerings are based on science, not opinion. The brand wants to provide unbiased expertise and science-backed solutions about cars. The test results it provides are detailed and precise – a stark contrast to opinions provided by existing car diagnostics brands, where the norm would be to push their own brand offering, thus losing objectivity.

We were commissioned to create an identity that captures this trust and objectivity and extend it into a visual language.

How we did it
After a deep understanding of the brand, we knew that Autosure was carving a niche for itself in a space that was unexplored in India. To start, we designed an identity that resembled a seal of ‘assurance’, a keyword that runs common through the brand’s offerings. The typography was designed to depict a sense of motion and continuity.

Next, we conceptualized unique ways to extend this identity to the space interiors. The vibrant red colour from Autosure’s identity allowed us to liven up the walls inside the lab, with typography-based designs. Clean, white walls helped create an uncluttered, minimalistic look. We also designed detailed reports and forms which were rendered visually, making complex information easier to understand.


CLIENT / Autosure
SECTOR / Automobile
SERVICES / Identity

In association with Arun Narayan