Atria University

Capturing new-age learning through strategic branding

The Challenge
A frontier university that aims to create leaders for an emerging world, Bangalore-based Atria University marches to a different beat. While conventional learning institutes place importance on certificates and scores, Atria adopts a new-age approach to learning and doing, one that’s based on talent and skill.

Atria places students and their future at the center of a unique transformative learning experience. It gifts students the power of crafting their own future, by guiding and inspiring them to take roads less traveled. This ethos of Atria had to be showcased in its visual identity, which we were commissioned to create. Further, the many schools under Atria also needed to look cohesive, and a detailed brand architecture helped us tackle this.

How we did it
The identity we designed is multilayered, depicting the dynamism of the brand. Not only does the typography cleverly use A and U (Atria University), but the brand mark also conveys how Atria helps you (U) to rise (with A as an upward arrow) to the next level, so you can be the best version of yourself. The relative placement of A and U cues the belief that it is “you” who will drive Atria upward and onward. The custom-crafted san serif typeface completed the modern look.

The Atria “arrow” became a core element of the brand’s look and feel. It also serves as the graphic anchor that helps align the brand’s communication. Given Atria’s various schools and divisions, the logo was adapted to suit the sub-brands, ensuring sufficient flexibility for various lockups and applications.

We also proposed and put together an interesting Image Style guide that resonated with and elevated the brand’s positioning. Three distinct image banks were created, each with keywords, examples, and do’s/don’ts. Each image bank catered to a particular communication objective and set stylistic guidelines that could be followed by the team going forward.

CLIENT / Atria University
SECTOR / Education
SERVICES / Identity and Brand Architecture

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